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Home Automation

Home Automation is about being connected to the home you love. These systems will bring your home online and allow you to control your connected devices such as door locks, lights, thermostats, cameras, and more, all remotely from a smartphone or PC.

Home Data Wiring

Need a hard-wired Ethernet port in one of your rooms? How about in-wall cable concealment for that new flat-screen TV? What about putting that loud computer tower in another room while keeping your monitor in your current room? Ohmwork can do it all.

Computer Services

We offer troubleshooting, repair, tune-ups, and custom-designed high-performance gaming machines crafted with only the highest quality components.

Home Audio/Video

Bring the theater experience home. We install and mount televisions, projectors, speakers, whole-house in-ceiling audio solutions, and full custom home theater rooms and mancaves.

Vehicle Customization

Factory speakers not keeping up with your music? Have us replace those factory flappers with true audiophile grade speakers. We install speakers, amps, headunits, radios, custom Android tablet and phone bluetooth integration, LED lighting, and more!

Plastidip Services

Plastidip is a Latex-based synthetic rubber that protects paint and metal and can be peeled off without leaving a trace. If you’re looking to change the color of your car’s badges, emblems, wheels, or body paint while simultaneously providing protection from road debris, learn more about what Ohmwork can do for you.

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