Vehicle Customization

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Speaker & Amp Installation

Replace those factory speakers with an amplified set of high quality component speakers. We will gladly install customer provided hardware or order a quality set for you.


Radio Headunit Installation

Replace your factory radio with a quality aftermarket headunit. We will use vehicle specific wiring harnesses for the new connections so no modification to your vehicle wiring is necessary. All connections are secured with Posilocks. Hardware is not included in the price. We can also install tablets and phones to serve the purpose of a headunit and GPS.


Bluetooth Streaming Audio

Want to stream audio from your phone to your car stereo without having to plug and unplug your phone every time you get in your car? We can install a bluetooth receiver that will work with almost any headunit or radio. If your phone is rooted, we can set up your phone to switch to a “car mode” where it will switch on the gps for driving, launch a map application, and begin streaming audio over your stereo.  The options are endless, so if you can dream it the possibilities are pretty good that we’ll be able to create it.


Reverse Camera Installation

If you have a headunit that has an LCD screen, we can install a reverse camera to work with it. This can be done without visibly modifying the car. The camera mount integrates into the license plate cover.


Hardwired Stealthy Radar Detectors

Want to free up your cigarette lighter for a USB charger? Maybe you just don’t want wires visibly running down your dash or hanging from your windshield. Whatever the case, we can stealth install your radar detector and hardwire it so that when your vehicle comes on, the radar detector comes on. We can also wire in a hard switch if you’d like more control.


LED Lighting

If you need LED overhead map lighting, footwell lighting, truck bed lighting, boat deck and compartment lighting, or motorcycle and automotive Street Glow, you’ve come to the right place. We can install LED lighting on a switch or have it wired into your car’s room light so that it complements the rest of your lighting for an OEM look and feel. Kits are available in pure white, dark red, or vibrant blue. Multi-color kits also available.