Plastidip Services

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Perfect for auditioning a new wheel color, covering wheel damage, and adding a small layer of protection from road debris and grime. When you want to go back to your original wheel look, simply peel the plastidip off to reveal the perfectly preserved metal.


In order to apply even coverage and complete the job properly, the wheels must be removed from the vehicle to be sprayed. Whether you bring us just the wheels or the entire vehicle will factor in to the overall costs. With drying and cure time, and assuming that the wheels are brought to us off the vehicle already, it takes about 3-4 hours to properly spray a set of wheels.

Grills, Emblems, & Accents

We also spray grills, emblems, and accents such as door handles, chrome accents, and more.

Bumper Covers

Also commonly known as a bumper bra, we can spray your front bumper body panel to protect it from rock chips and other road hazards. Plastidip is tough, and while it won’t prevent dents from impacts, it will protect your finish from small debris and bugs that might otherwise scratch, chip, or stain your paint.

Complete Vehicle Coverage

The cost is largely dependent on the size vehicle you need covered. We aim for 5-6 thick coats per vehicle, which means a smaller car is going to take about 3 gallons while a large SUV might take 4-5 gallons to complete the job. Entire job is usually going to take 6-8+ hours.<   [button link="" target="_self" shape="rounded" size="small" outline="yes" color="black" move="no" external="no"]Quote[/button]